The King-Otto-Stalactite Cave: magnificent and unique in the region

Impressive stalagmites, a sinter basin filled with water, different water level lines – these are three of the characteristic features of the King-Otto-Stalactite Cave, one of the most beautiful stalactite caves in Germany. A shepherd discovered the only stalactite cave in the administrative district of Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate in 1895. And it happened something like this: Peter Federl from St. Coloman was following a fox. The shepherd had followed the fox when it suddenly disappeared in the mountain. He followed the fox into a cage. He got scared, so he turned around and got some help. He returned with the chimney sweep Josef Erl and the mechanic Josef Kuhn (Velburg).

The three men dug away the stones and bravely explored the underground tunnels by candlelight. It was September 30, 1895. The King-Otto-Stalactite Cave (named after King Otto I. of Bavaria) had been discovered: a sensation! The first guided tours already took place in May 1896. However, it was only possible to have the cage lighted by candles or torches. 

The true, great beauty of the cave came to light for the first time in 1954, when the natural work was equipped with electricity. But that wasn’t it: The two citizens of Fürth (Middle Franconia, Germany) Helmut Schlierf and Michael Kirnberger (research group »Cave and Karst«) discovered another large, almost hall-like grotto with a mere unbelievable diversity of stalactites. Since they had found the grotto on December 2nd, during the advent season, and therefore named the grotto »Adventhalle« (Advent hall). The King-Otto-Stalactite Cave is approximately 450 in length of which 270 meters can be visited – even by wheelchair users. About 19,000 people per year explore the King-Otto-Stalactite Cave, it is part of the »Erlebniswelt Jurahöhle« (World of Experience Jura cave).önig-Otto-Tropfsteinhöhle

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